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Năm xuất bản Nhan đềTác giả
20051000 Java TipsPatchine, Alexandre; Kabutz, Heinz M.
2001640-801 Cisco Certified Network Associate Version 22.0Lammle, Todd
2003802.11 SecurityFleck, Bob; Potter, Bruce
2018A Cure Algorithm for Vietnamese Sentiment Classification in a Parallel EnvironmentVo Ngoc, Phu; Vo Thi Ngoc, Tran; Jack, Max
2002A history of Scottish medicine : themes and influencesDingwall, Helen M.
2018A Low Area, Low Power 8-bit AES-CCM Authenticated Encryption Core in 180nm CMOS ProcessDao, Van Lan; Nguyen, Anh Thai; Hoang, Van Phuc
2005A Methodology for validation of integrated systems models with an application to coastal-zone management in south-west sulawesiKok, Jean-Luc, Dr. (Supervisor); Nguyen, Tien Giang
2012-01A Modified Single-Phase Quasi-Z-Source AC–AC ConverterNguyen, Minh Khai; Lim, Young-Cheo; Kim, Yong-Jae; Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Nguyen Tat Thanh University, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam; Department of Electrical Engineering, Chonnam National University, Buk-gu, Korea; Department of Electrical Engineering, Chosun University, Dong-gu, Korea
2011A n-sided polygonal edge-based smoothed fem (NES-FEM) for dynamic analyses of 2d fluid-solid interaction problemsPhung, Van Phuc; Nguyen, Thoi Trung
2018A neds analysis of historical learning model to reinforce student’s local character using local wisdom values of Turonggo Yakso ArtAl Alaz, Nenin; Suryani, Nunuk
2018A new memetic algorithm for multiple graph alignmentTran, Ngoc Ha; Le, Nhu Hien; Hoang, Xuan Huan
2018A new Memetic Algorithm for Multiple Graph AlignmentTran, Ngoc Ha; Le, Nhu Hien; Hoang, Xuan Huan
2008A Programmer's Guide to Java SCJP Certification: A Comprehensive Primer, 3rd EditionMughal, Khalid; Rasmussen, Rolf
2016A review on organic spintronic materials and devices: I. Magnetic field effect on organic light emitting diodesGeng, Rugang; Daugherty, Timothy Tyler; Do, Kevin; Luong, Hoang Mai; Nguyen, Tho Duc
2010-05A Second Life First Year ExperiencePeter Duffy; Paul Penfold; Educational Development Centre, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong; School of Hotel & Tourism Management, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong
2012A simple controller for two wheeled welding mobile manipulatorNgo, Manh Dung; Ngo, Xuan Khoat; NTT University, Vietnam
2013A study on structural and semantic components of typical English and Vietnamese idioms: Major: English Linguistics (Code: 62 22 15 01)Võ, Đại Quang, Assoc. Prof. (Supervisor); Lê, Hùng Tiến, Assoc. Prof. (Supervisor); Đặng, Nguyên Giang
2007A+, Network+, Security+ Examsin a nuthellBhardwaj, Pawan K.
2012Acccuracy Improvement of Finite-differnce Time-domain Method for Photonic Crystal FibersVu, N. H.; Wang, I. K.; NTT University, Vietnam; Chonnam National University, South, Korea
2001Active defense: A comprehensive guide to network securityBrenton, Chris; Hunt, Cameron